Aries Season

April 14 at 11:00 PM

SATURDAY, APRIL 14! Ascendance presents Lit: Aries Season! Fiery Aries represents a fresh start, a bright spark, an ignition of sorts. Being the first zodiac in the yearly cycle, many astrologers point to Aries as an opportunity to accept new energies and intentions in your life. This season, we will do so by honoring the most passionate and powerful of Arians, Selena Quintanilla. We will be playing her greatest hits and forgotten gems as well as music inspired by her and other Aries musicians (including Pharrell, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, & Chance the Rapper). Stay tuned to this space because we’re going all out this time around, in the coming days we’ll be releasing more information about the other features of Lít, including live accompaniment by Congo Square percussionist Marcus Akinlana, food on site, private tarot readings by Ayjshane, and an interactive shrine for Selena with floral arrangements by Collection of Collections.

Mark your calendars, get hype, and start preparing your reddest or Selena themed outfit (YEAH WE’RE DRESSING UP)!